Wohnpark Binzen wins BIG!

The HDE (Handelsverband Deutschland) awards Wohnpark Binzen with store of the year!

The HDE awards businesses who’s complete repositioning was less than a year ago and have proven exceptional and innovative with “the store of the year” award. A jury of experts from commercial enterprises and institutions chooses the winner.

The assessment criterion includes but is not limited to innovation, customer value and productivity. Over 50 different retail stores applied for this prestigious award.

The store of the year award comes in categories of: Fashion, Living, Food, Out of line and Exceptional price. On January 28th all awards were presented during the 10th German Commerce Real Estate Congress in Berlin.

With an architectural concept of floating levels, an exceptional layout, a sophisticated customer management system, and a unique shopping experience, not to mention an impressive dining experience and a large Kids play area, Wohnpark Binzen was able to prosper and win the store of the year award in the category Living.

“We are more than proud to call ourselves Germany’s most innovative furniture store. However, we are not just “exceptional” because of our layout. More than anything it is the staff at Wohnpark Binzen, which makes all of this possible. Therefore, I would like to give a big thank you to our top team and the entire staff. But also the creative thinkers like the team from A.l.t.a Design GmbH and of course our architects at Blocher & Blocher – Partners in Stuttgart.”

Rudolf Kohlbrenner, Manager of Wohnpark Binzen

Four-time Winner

Wohnpark Binzen was awarded with first place at the 4th Lörracher Kundenspiegel and the 4th Weiler Kundenspiegel by the institute of marketing and market research MF Consulting (MFC). The furniture store with the futuristic appearance is now a four-time winner after having received two more awards at the 3rd Lörracher Kundenspiegel and 3rd Weiler Kundenspiegel in 2015.

“We are very grateful for this recognition. We owe this award to our large range of products and of course our more than 200 motivated and qualified staff members that invest their time and energy into our store on daily basis.”: says Rudolf Kohlbrenner, Manager of Wohnpark Binzen

Our First Class Service

 Customers can expect a first class service at Wohnpark Binzen. Expert consultations, reliable delivery and assembly as well as kind customer service in every department is just part of what makes us so exceptional. Our one of kind service is always highly appreciate by our valued customers. As seen in the current Kundenspiegel where Wohnpark Binzen won both the “friendliness” and “quality consulting” awards.